The Manly & Northern Beaches Seaside Observer

I had a colleague I knew and liked from my days in advertising who I stayed in touch with and who always wanted to start a small business producing tourism and lifestyle guides in several local areas of Sydney, where we both lived. He eventually set up the venture and bought me to be the art […]

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//film Magazine & //disc Magazine

A magazine publishing concept cover I came up with; a magazine that was half about film releases and half about home video/DVD release, upside down from each other and ending in the middle, if that makes sense – when you’d read ‘//film’, you’d flip it over and start reading ‘//disc’ from the other end. And […]

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West Australian Web Awards

When the web development a design studio I worked at hosted the first ever WA Web Awards (the ‘WAWAs’), it was our job to come up with the marketing material inviting participants to submit and vote. An A4 booklet was produced outline the procedures, rules and regulations, and this was the cover. Deliberately spartan, it […]

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Idea Network

The brief was to create a handbill-style leaflet for a newly forming ad/design/PR agency to send to potential clients, and they wanted something that was functional more than flashy, which was their brand profile. Why they engaged another graphic design agency to come up with material to advertise their own graphic design services I never […]

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