A good friend and short filmmaker decided to release his own work the old fashioned way, on a DVD, and since I’d created the logotype for his nascent film production banner I leaped at the chance to do bona fide movie packaging. Taking cues from the widespread standards and conventions of DVD sleeve art as […]

Project Details

Calendar header

A client had a printed desk planner project and this graphic was a (pretty way out) concept to mark the current month in the side matter beside the calendar grid. The whole project was a remixed into another form so it didn’t go ahead, but I’ve always liked the slightly 90s, sci-fi feel of it. […]

Project Details

The Angel

A photo manipulation and layering exercise, with multiple elements from various sources. The angel is my own gorgeous little girl aged around nine at the time, wearing a simple white dress and shot in the studio of a photography colleague. The fairy wing was found in a Fremantle craft shop, photographed against a black background […]

Project Details
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